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The IWD Platform is a goldmine of data, ranging from catalog items to store information. The data can be managed manually, but thanks to the automatic IMPORT & EXPORT features on the IWD Platform, it is also possible to create new and update existing data points in bulk, saving you a lot of time! 

In this article, we take you through the step-by-step generic import process, which is valid for all types of data imports. Please make sure to refer to the articles dedicated to the specific import/export types to download the templates and understand how to fill them in:


For automatic imports, only *.csv files are allowed. To edit your import files, you need to install LibreOffice: download here.


It is essential to download this tool in order to import your files successfully. IWD cannot ensure support if you use any other software. Please get in touch with your IT department if you need authorization to download it. 



When you open *.csv files, your settings must be:

  • Character set: Unicode (UTF-8)
  • Separated by: tick Tab and Semicolon
  • Column type: Text

If any other option on the *.csv formatting is selected, it will affect the file and the import will have errors.




Once your *.csv template is filled in, follow the steps below to upload it to the platform:

1 Click on your profile avatar and select “IMPORT”

2 Drag and drop your files from your computer (images and formatted *.csv files)

3 Once all your elements have been dropped, click on “IMPORT”


4 If the import is successful, you will receive a report listing the data that were created/updated. 

5 If the import fails, error messages will show up in red. Please refer to the below articles for the solutions to the most common errors:

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