Transfer content

Transferring content between users ensures operational continuity, particularly when the initial owner is no longer able to manage this content due to changes in roles or assignments. This process enables a seamless transition of responsibilities, assuring that guidelines remain under active management and up-to-date.

How to transfer content between users

It is possible to transfer guideline folders and guidelines ownership from one user to another.

Good to know

You must have the right to "consult the directory" and "transfer content" to follow these steps.

1 Open the User Directory: Click on your avatar in the top right corner of the screen and select DIRECTORY.


2 In case you would like to transfer the content to a new user, start by creating an account for them.

3 Open the profile of the user from whom you wish to transfer content, open the actions menu and click on TRANSFER.


4 Select the content to transfer. You can choose to transfer:

  • Guidelines personal folders and their guidelines links: Transferring personal folders and guidelines links will allow the new owner to have access to the full guidelines module hierarchy, from folders to subfolders and guidelines links.
  • Guidelines ownership: Transferring the ownership of a guideline enables the new owner to update this guideline and control access rights, which include determining who can view, edit, or delete this guideline. Thus, by selecting the "guidelines ownership" transfer option, you can transfer ownership of all guidelines at once to the targeted user.


Good to know

You can select both options if you want to transfer all the content (both the personal folders and guidelines ownership).

5 Select the targeted user to whom you want to transfer the content and CONFIRM.

6 In case the user from whom you've just transferred the content should be deactivated, go back to the Directory page, select their account in the list, and deactivate it by sliding the blue deactivation toggle. The account will disappear from the Directory page but will remain retrievable through the Advanced Search.


Guideline ownership can be shared between multiple users to allow them to manage a guideline collaboratively. Want to know more about guideline ownership and how to manage it? Check out this article.