What is a campaign?

On the IWD Platform, the campaign information is optional but it is recommended prior to creating a guideline. Here are the different purposes of a campaign. 

Recommended information 

Managing the database of guidelines

Sharing information with your stores

Recommended information 

A campaign is a defined sales period with starting dates and ending dates. It is linked to a particular market(s). The campaign field is a recommended parameter when creating a new guideline. 

On the brand end, guidelines are organized according to a time range, i.e. to define the scope of an operation, seasonality, or even availability. IWD works with you on this, you are free to decide the name and/or the dates range (see how to add a campaign). 

Managing the database of guidelines

Once the dates and names are set up, it is extremely easy to navigate the guidelines and manage this section. While managing the guidelines on the tool isn't all about campaigns, it does help! 

You can look up a guideline using the search bar, and in the advanced search panel, you can filter down to specific guidelines: select the relevant campaign and see the results for yourself. At once, get an overview of all the related guidelines.

While on the editing interface, the guideline's information appears at the top of the screen - the name, the campaign's name, and its date. 

Good to know

If the campaign date has ended for your guidelines, they won't be visible anymore on the IWD App

Sharing information with your stores

Beyond the purpose of keeping guidelines organized, the campaign remains as additional information for your retailers or your own retail stores. While the information can remain internal, it is very useful to forward it to the people on the field - this will give them a clear idea of when to implement the campaign and when to take it off the shelves. 

However, defining a campaign isn't enough to find your guidelines, you must also set up the status of the guidelines as "Shared" to be able to see them on the IWD App. Check this article for more information about sharing a guideline.

The campaigns' information is available on both the PDF export and the Excel export.

Of course, you can choose not to export this information (see how to export a guideline) but keep in mind that IWD offers you the possibility to enhance your communication. 


Managing campaigns is a Super Admin right - check out your rights here.