Documents on the IWD App

Did you know that documents shared on the IWD Platform are also available to users on the field via the IWD App? This article will show you how to access and manage your documents on the app. 





The documents tab is organized into two sections:

  • Bookmarks: This tab allows you to easily access bookmarked documents. To bookmark a document, simply click on the actions menu (three dots) on the right of the document. Documents bookmarked from the app will also appear as bookmarked on the platform and vice versa.
  • All documents: This tab contains all documents shared with you on the platform and is organized in folders following the architecture defined on the platform. The label 'NEW' helps you quickly identify newly added and newly edited documents - remember that documents can only be uploaded from the platform, not from the app.

📌 Documents linked to a specific store are also accessible directly from that store's page on the app, under the documents tab. To move from one tab to another, simply swipe left and right.


  • Sort: Within the documents tab, documents and folders can either be sorted by name (A to Z) or last update date. The sorting in use is displayed at the top of the list, simply click on it to change it. Note that the date of the parent folder is updated according to the elements it contains and, therefore, takes the date of the most recently updated document. The last update date of a document, in turn, corresponds to the date on which this document was uploaded or replaced.
  • Search: To search for a folder or a document, simply use the search bar. Your last searches are recorded and displayed to allow you to quickly jump back on searches already made, saving up some time. 


Documents are downloaded and saved to your device as soon as they are opened, making them accessible offline. Any change brought to a document is also monitored: 

  • If a document is deleted from the Platform, it will disappear from the app.
  • If a document is updated or replaced on the Platform, you will receive a notification from the app. Then when you open the document, the newest version is downloaded and displayed.

📌 Making a store available offline will not result in downloading all documents from this store to your device, as this would potentially take up too much space on the device.



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