Actions on guidelines



Depending on your rights and profile, multiple actions can be performed to easily manage your guidelines, individually or by batch, for instance, share or archive them, duplicate them, move to another folder, or change campaigns. To perform an action on...

  • A single guideline: click on on its right to open the ACTIONS menu.
  • Multiple guidelines at once: by checking the boxes on their left then open the main ACTIONS menu of the top right
  • It is also possible to select all guidelines in a folder at once by clicking on SELECT ALL (click on the X to unselect all).

Actions on a single guideline

If you have selected only one guideline, the actions menu will show up like this:

OPEN EDITOR will either open the editor in 2D or 3D, it depends on the guideline you wish to open.

MODIFY SHEET allows you to modify the properties of the guideline (name, folder, etc)

SHARE allows you to modify the status of the guideline. Guidelines created on the platform can either be kept private or shared with your colleagues, who will be able to access them on the platform and on the IWD App. Check this article for more information.

ARCHIVE allows you to archive guidelines that are no longer relevant or useful to the team. An archived guideline is automatically unlinked from its folder and is no longer listed in the guidelines list. Check this article for more information.

DUPLICATING a guideline is a great way to save time as you can simply adapt an existing guideline to your needs, by updating products, visuals, etc. It will create an exact copy of the guideline

MOVE (PERSONAL) will move the guideline to your personal section (visible only to you).

MOVE (GLOBAL) will move the guideline to the global section (visible to all).

MANAGE CAMPAIGN allows you to modify the campaign of the guideline. The guideline will automatically be unlinked from the old campaign's markets that are no longer linked to the new campaign and linked to all the new campaign's markets to which you have access. Check these articles on how to add a campaign and how to delete a campaign.

MANAGE OWNERS allows you to add/remove guideline owners.

PRINT PREVIEW allows you to generate the guideline document, which will be displayed in a new window in your browser. There are three different export options: Print or Export to PDF / Copy the link / Send by e-mail. Check this article for more information.

PRINT SETTINGS allows you to update the guideline document settings. Check this article for more information.

DATA EXPORT will export your guideline to Excel. There is one tab per market and within each tab, items are grouped by shelf, and shelves are grouped by bay. The information displayed includes the item type, codes, market codes, and item dimensions.


Actions on multiple guidelines

If you have selected more than one guideline only these options will show up: