Upload and manage photos on the IWD App

When you are on a store page, you can click on SEE ALL FOLDERS to browse content and access the latest uploaded photos. 

To add photos to a specific folder, you have to : 

  1. Chose the folder you want by clicking on it
  2. Click on the + icon to add photos


2 options are available : 

1. Take a picture on the spot:

      • Click on the grey button (you can switch the camera’s direction)
      • If you want to add a tag, click on ADD TAGS (INFO to select the tags you want, click on the + icon. Press again on this icon to deselect the tag)
      • Validate by clicking on the bottom right button


2. Select pictures from your gallery:

      • Click on the image icon at the bottom right
      • Allow the application to access your phone’s gallery
      • Select the picture(s) you want to add to the folder and validate by clicking on DONE
      • If you have selected multiple photos, you will be redirected to a preview page where you will have the option to reorder the photos: 1. long-touch a photo then 2. drag and drop it to reorder.


INFO if you want to delete a picture, open it by clicking, and from the 3 dots on the top right, select delete. 


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