Upload and manage photos on the IWD App

Now photos can either be uploaded from the PHOTOS section or the SURVEYS section. The recommendation is to pass through a survey.





A good survey should prompt users to upload some photos to illustrate their answers.

From the HQ point of view, this is the best way of getting photos from the field as

1 You can set a limit on the number of photos that can be uploaded


2 You can pre-tag these pictures


3 The context is known which makes it more concrete and easier to analyze.



In some cases, you might need to upload pictures outside of a survey, for instance, if you spot a nice installation by a competitor or you want to share photos of special corners or installations in your store.

This can be done from the photos tab, you can click on SEE ALL FOLDERS to browse content and access the latest uploaded photos.

If you want to add photos to a specific folder, you have to : 

  1. Chose the folder you want by clicking on it
  2. Click on the + icon to add photos


2 options are available : 

1. Take a picture on the spot:

      • Click on the grey button (you can switch the camera’s direction)
      • If you want to add a tag, click on ADD TAGS (INFO to select the tags you want, click on the + icon. Press again on this icon to deselect the tag)
      • Validate by clicking on the bottom right button


2. Select pictures from your gallery:

      • Click on the image icon at the bottom right
      • Allow the application to access your phone’s gallery
      • Select the picture(s) you want to add to the folder and validate by clicking on DONE
      • If you have selected multiple photos, you will be redirected to a preview page where you will have the option to reorder the photos: 1. long-touch a photo then 2. drag and drop it to reorder.


Also, if you want to delete a picture, open it by clicking, and from the 3 dots on the top right, select delete. 




Keep in mind that pictures uploaded on the app are also available on the platform and vice versa!