Import & Export of market.csv (V5)




Markets are grouped into groups of markets.
A guideline, an item, a user, etc. are linked to these markets.

Example: In “Europe/France”, “Europe” is a group of markets and “France” is a market.


A user must be linked to at least one market. This will consequently restrict his access to the content of his markets everywhere in the application.
Items and guidelines are also linked to at least one market.


On the import page, the user can import a market.csv file that can contain 3 columns.
The first line contains the name of the columns.

Click here to download the CSV template

⚠️ Rules for import:

      • : , ; EOL (↵) aren’t authorized characters
      • The file imported must be a valid UTF-8 file

When a new market is created, it will be automatically linked to every:

      • Campaigns
      • Items
      • Users who have the right to be automatically linked to new markets
uuid UUID of the market. Has to be extracted from the platform.
      • If filled, its content must be a valid existing UUID and it’s an update.
      • If empty, it’s a creation.

Name of the market.

      • Its content must be between 1 and 64 characters.
      • Multiple markets can have the same name but not in the same group of markets. 

It is case and accent insensitive: if a market is named “Loe”, another one can't be named “LoE” or “Loé” for example.

group Name of the group of markets.
Its content must be between 1 and 64 characters.


The user can export a market.csv file that contains all the markets and groups of markets.
This file is divided into multiple columns and the first line contains their names.
List and details about these columns are in the import part.

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