Move a folder/subfolder

Managing the catalog means keeping it clean and suited to your company's needs. For this reason, it is possible (with special rights) to move folders around and rearrange the structure of your items database. 

Move a folder 

Move a subfolder


Move a folder

Folders, also referred to as "brand folders", are at the first level of the database. In most cases, these folders are related to a brand. By default, you cannot move a brand folder as it would affect the entire database structureInstead, you can rename these folders, or delete them. Reach out to the IWD Support team for further details before deleting a folder. 

  • Folders are automatically sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Moving a folder around will only be possible if you wish to make it a subfolder. 


You could rename a folder using numbers e.g. 00_XXXX to override the alphabetical order.

Move a subfolder 

As opposed to folders, subfolders can be moved around, allowing you to easily restructure the database, be it small or big changes. Don't hesitate to reach out to the Support team if you want a total relooking of your database! 

To move a folder, drag and drop it wherever you need it. You can also use the ACTIONS menu by clicking on the icon on the right of the folder and selecting the action MOVE.


When moving a folder, all its content will be moved as well.