[TIPS & TRICKS] Add a ruler to measure a 3D scene

Measure distances between 2 points and send your 3D store planning and layout to the store!


1 Under the Display tab of the toolbar, select the ruler 9.PNG.

2 Draw a line between Point A and Point B, by click & drag system.



3 You can also display the distance between a fixture and the closest element next to it.

  • Select the ruler and click on any point of your fixture.Laser.PNG
  • A red laser line will appear showing the distance to its closest wall or fixture.
  • Rotate or move the fixture and see the distance change accordingly.
  • The laser line will disappear after the scene is saved and closed.



4 To hide the dimension info, click on the icon Show/Hide rulers image35.PNGin the toolbar.

5 To delete the dimension, hover your mouse over one of them, and click on the trash icon that appears.