[TIPS & TRICKS] Add a comment to a 3D scene

You can add notes on items, fixtures, or on a scene:

1 Click on Add Note  in the Display tab of the toolbar and select the item on which you would like to annotate. 3.PNG

2 Customize your notes using Display & Content Settings options!


Display settings

      •  Decide the format: How you want the notes to look?

Content settings

      • What information do you want to display in the notes?


      • Size – Select the appropriate text size for your note
      • Color – Select the text color that is readable for your note

Note Style

      • Bubble – with/without the background color
      • Arrow – with/without the pointing arrow
      • Color – select the background's color
      • Transparency – make the note see through
      • Label – keep track of the order of the notes (A, B, C, …)
      • Name – the item(s) in which you are annotating
      • Link – insert a URL link; to clear the link: click on the eraser icon.
      • Code – item code as defined in the database.
      • Display image (Thumbnail) – preview the facing of the item.
      • Comment – write a full-text note; to clear: click on the eraser icon.
      • List Content: list alphabetically all the items contained by the annotated item.

3 To leave editing mode, click on the [X] button on the top right corner of the edit panel.

To shrink the note, hover your cursor over it, and click on the minimize button

To delete the note, hover your cursor over it, and click on the trash button

To hide (toggle) the notes in the scene temporary, click on the hide note image40.PNG from the toolbar.