How to retouch your item images




The IWD Platform provides you with realistic renderings. Therefore, each item image you wish to upload into the platform database must follow specific requirements.

Follow the below step-by-step on how to retouch your images in order to create and feed new items to your catalog. 



1 Open your image with Photoshop.

2 Delete any background of your image. Your image must be on a transparent background.

📌 The tip here is to have the squared background (see picture above) - it means the background is transparent.

2(bis) You want to make the image like real life, go ahead and delete any titles or comments. The image must contain only the image of the item.

3 Crop the visual the closest you can to the product,


4 The item's size must respect the ratio of the real size of the product.

📌 Careful, the dimensions can be in cm/inches (or else) here, but you might want to take a look at our article about adding items to the database. 

5 Make sure the file size does not exceed 15 MB.

Good to know

We strongly recommend importing an image with a maximum size of 1 MB to avoid conflicts with the Editor.

6 Save your image as *.png. (max 32-bit)

You are good to go! The IWD Platform requires specific retouch parameters to maintain the tool smooth and usable. Note that all items can be integrated in High Definition resolution and it can be done at once if you have dozens or hundreds of SKUs to integrate. We've got your back! Send us a request and we'll sort it out together! 


Image resolution

The image quality displayed in the Editors is determined by its pixel dimensions.
If the longest edge of an image exceeds one of these "power of two" values (128px; 256px; 512px; 1024px; 2048px; 4096px), it is better to adjust it to match one of these values. Otherwise, the image will automatically be scaled up to the next available size and it will result in increased memory usage.

For instance, if an image is 1025x1025px, it is necessary to resize it to 1024x1024px. Retaining it as 1025px, the 3D Editor will automatically adjust it to 2048px. However, this will not improve the quality and will consume significantly more memory, potentially impacting the performance of the 3D Editor

Good to know

Using these dimensions whenever possible is crucial to enhance the user experience in the 3D Editor by ensuring smooth navigation, and it also improves the overall process, including import, platform navigation, editor loading time, etc.

Low or high definition

In the 3D Editor, you can display your images in High Definition to get a more realistic representation. However, this setting may have performance impact and could potentially slow down your device. In such instances, you can opt to switch to low definition by unticking the box in the screenshot below.


How to use a photoshop script

Photoshop Scripting is the process of automating repetitive tasks within Photoshop using JavaScript. By creating scripts, you can increase your productivity and save time on tasks that you perform regularly. In addition, you can use scripts to automate complex processes that would be difficult to perform manually.

If you want to have a preview on how to use a photoshop script you can watch the tutorial below.


Contact us if you need to integrate items. Our pool of experts will assist you and deliver faster!