Delete a campaign

This action cannot be done by anyone. If you wish to delete a campaign, you need to reach out to your IWD contact to discuss and assess the need. Before you do so, think about your request.

Indeed, deleting a campaign (i.e. mandatory information, learn more about it) has consequences on the whole platform and its users, the way they work, and the global workflow. 

There are actually different ways of "deleting" a campaign, the two main ways being: 

  1. Deleting the guidelines that comes with it.
      1. All the guidelines being linked to a campaign, if we delete the campaign, what happens to the set of guidelines? IWD can archive and/or delete the concerned guidelines for you. 
  2. Reaffect the guidelines to a new campaign
      1. If you wish to keep the concerned guidelines, we can create a dedicated campaign, e.g. "Archived campaigns" or "Campaign 2010-2013" or one of your choosing. 

The idea behind all of this is to accompany you in the best way possible and adapt the answer to your need and to your project. Don't hesitate to contact us.