Search for an item

IWD Platform comes with a search engine to help you find the items you are looking for. You have different filters at your disposal. You could also navigate the different folders - read more about folders

Current folder

Quick search

Additional filters


Current folder

By default, and if you are in a folder, the search feature will only look into the folder (subfolders) you are currently in. You can disable this by unticking the "only in xxx" box. It will then look in the whole database of items.

Quick search

The quick search works with keywords or information related to an item. To quickly find the item, it is best if you know its name for example. 

You can type one or multiple characters/words. It will filter all the items: 

  • Containing these characters at the beginning of a word in the:

    • Name

    • Code 1

    • Code 2

    • Code 3

    • Description

  • Having exactly the chain of character

Additional filters


You can filter on the activation status of items: yes, no, or both. By default, the filter is set on both, so it won’t filter items.

You can filter on groups of markets and markets. Note that you can only see groups of markets and markets you are linked to. You cannot have access to items from another market. 
You can filter on authors. The 5 more actives authors are displayed by default. 
You can filter on item types. The 5 more actives types are displayed by default.
You can filter on the archive status of items: yes, no, or both. By default, the filter is set on no, so archived items are hidden. Depending on your profile, you may not be able to see archived items. 


When at least one filter is changed, a button appears to allow the user to reset filters.