Archive a guideline

Guidelines that are no longer relevant or useful to the team can be archived using the 'ARCHIVE' option in the Actions menu. Archived guidelines are no longer visible in the guidelines list and cannot be modified - they can be opened in the 2D or 3D editor but in read-only mode. 

Note: Only if you have the rights to archive or unarchive a guideline will you be able to do so!


  • How to access an archived guideline: If you have the right to see archived guidelines, then the 'ARCHIVED' status option can be selected in the search engine to filter archived guidelines. 
  • How to restore an archived guideline: Simply select 'UNARCHIVE' in the Actions menu on the right of the guideline. Archived guidelines are automatically unlinked from the folders (global and personal) they were originally placed in. Therefore, when unarchiving a guideline, you will have to select at least one destination folder from your personal space. Note that, by default, the unarchived guideline will have the Private (not shared) status.



Check out our article on how to perform a search for an overview of all the guideline search options!