Folders and subfolders

On the platform, contents are organized in folders and subfolders. These folders can be referred to as brands and allow you to manage and navigate your catalog and/or database of guidelines. 





The brands (link to the glossary) split the application into several restricted parts. Brands are created and managed in the catalog.

They are the first level and can only contain folders. These folders will contain other folders and also items. An item will be linked to only one brand.



Each user must be linked to at least one brand. This will consequently restrict their access, everywhere in the application, to the content of the brand they are linked to.

When a Super Admin creates a brand, this brand will automatically be linked to the Super Admin and to all the users who have the right to be automatically linked to new brands. 


A brand name must contain from 1 to 80 characters.

Two brands cannot have the same name. Names are case- and accent-insensitive which means that e.g. if a brand is named “Loe”, another one can’t be named “LoE” or “Loé”.


Read more about the Generic Folder in the catalog!