Add an item

From creation to activation, adding an item to the database is key to the project. Only Super Admins and Super Admins Market can add items (products, testers, accessories, furniture) to the database. Make sure to check out your rights depending on your profile. 





When creating an item in the catalog, several item types are available, each having different behaviors on the shelf. The most common types are the product, tester, accessory, and visual. More info about the different types in this article.


1 Go to the database and click on _.png in the bottom right corner. Select ITEM. 

2 Select the item type.

3 Enter all the required information (name, code1, dimensions, markets, etc.).


This information is mandatory for management purposes but also is used by the IWD teams when running bulk imports (database update, sales data integration, etc.)

4 Under the CONTENT tab, upload the image of your item together with its real-life dimensions. You must be aware of the prerequisites.

5 Save your item by clicking on CREATE, choose the correct folder, and activate the item. 


Once your item is created and saved in the database, don't forget to activate it. Remember, a deactivated item is considered unavailable by the software, meaning you won't be able to use it in your guidelines. To activate the item, simply click on ACTIVATE in the ACTIONS menu