Setting in stores camera views

There are many ways to export your guidelines on the IWD Platform, but sometimes all you need is the video of a walkthrough! Just like a customer would feel like walking through the store. This article will help you create just that.  

Taking Camera Views

Recording a Walkthrough


Taking Camera Views 

In order for the video at the end to look smooth and as if the client is walking through the store, the camera views need to follow a natural pattern and go in a logical order for this to be achieved.

For instance: Start facing the entrance of the store then go clockwise around the whole POS. 

navigate_cameraview.pngTo take a camera view, on the toolbar to the left, open the NAVIGATE tab and all the way down click on the camera icon

A pop-up window will appear. To take a picture of the area you want, simply click on ADD VIEW. This “view” will be added and now you can close this pop-up window and redirect your screen to the next “view” that you want to add. 

views.pngRepeat this step until you have all the areas that you want in your walkthrough video. For better reference, you can name your “views” as you see fit or rearrange them.

For example: Instead of having “Camera_00,” you can change the name to “Front View.”

Once you have all your views, on the pop-up window, select the first view, then click the PLAY button. This will take you smoothly from view to view, creating a video. 

You cannot export this walkthrough directly from the editor. So now that you have all your views, it’s time to record your video!

Record a Walkthrough

Make sure that you have your full-screen view of the 3D Editor app, this will give you a bigger area to record. Then, using an application to record your screen (iMovie, Camtasia, etc.) select only the part of your screen that you want to record (only the 3D app and not your whole computer screen).

Below are a few video recording hacks:

1 When you are ready to record your screen, select the very last “view” on your camera pop-up window, this will allow you to get your screen recording ready while it starts playing.

2 Press “C” on your keyboard to hide the pop-up window.

3 Then press “tab” on your keyboard to hide the toolbar and catalog of the editor. Hiding both the pop-up window and the toolbar will let you record all of your 3D space with no interruptions!

And that's it! Edit out the part of the screen recording where it is transitioning from the last view to the first and hiding all distractions. The end result will be a beautiful walkthrough of your POS.