Export the survey report

Once you have created and published a survey, you will be able to export it on Excel.

There are two options to export the survey:

1 Check the box to select a survey.  Click on the report tool to generate a summary of the responses to the survey.


2 Once the report is generated, you will receive a notification to download the excel file.

3 Open the notification box and download the export.


1 Click on the survey name to open the report

2 Click on the three dots to open the actions menu and export it like below


Once you have downloaded the excel survey report, you can use it to filter the data. Each line corresponds to one POS.

For example: You can filter the status of the answer (ongoing or done) we can see who answered, when they answered, and if they answered all the questions or not.
You can also create a pivot table to see how many stores [X] has visited, and which stores compared to [Y] who has only visited 3 stores.