Create a survey


The first step is to go to the SURVEYS section and open the list of MODELS on the left.



To create a new survey model from scratch:

1 Click on + ADD MODEL on the top right.  

  • Make sure to give a name to your survey.
  • List the survey owner(s): The owner is in charge of the survey: they oversee survey submission, receive notifications, follow up on assignees, generate reports, etc.
  • Select the market(s) targeted by this survey, in other words, the markets where the survey will be available.

All these fields are mandatory in order to create a survey model.

2 Fill out the templates by creating groups of questions. Select the type of questions from the drop-down menu. 

  • We recommend inserting an image to illustrate your questions when possible, for instance, to the question 'Did you receive this visual?', show what it should looks like. Please note that this only applies to the question types: text, image, multiple choice, and yes or no.


  • If you choose the PHOTO type of answer, then you can also define at this stage the tags that will be automatically applied to the photo(s) uploaded and the maximum amount of photos the respondent can upload.
  • In the example below the answer to the photo question is required, so the respondent will have to upload the defined number of photos (3 in this case)


  • You can also quantify survey answers to get an average score by defining a ranking for each answer. Add a multiple-choice question and then assign a note to each answer.


Points are only visible in the edit mode: when a user answers a survey, no points are shown.

Published surveys Excel reports collect those points and display each survey’s score and an average score is shown in the table footer.

Good to know

You can update custom fields directly through surveys shared on the IWD App.

3 Make sure to regularly save your work as it is not auto-saved then click on CONFIRM.


To duplicate and edit an existing survey model (from the survey models list), check the box next to the survey you want to duplicate. This might be very useful in case you need to regularly reuse existing models as it allows you to save a lot of time!

💡 A good practice is to create survey models per market or topic to reuse easily.

1 Select the survey model you want to duplicate and click on the duplicate icon to copy the survey model and make adjustments.


2 This will create an exact copy of the survey model and open the editing page of the survey model.

  • You can update survey information such as the title, owner(s), and market(s).
  • You can update some groups of questions, and remove/add questions.

Click on SAVE to store your modifications.


1 Change the order by clicking on either the up or down arrow.


This can be applied to both questions and groups of questions.