Import items automatically in a 3D scene

Import items automatically in a 3D scene

In any 3D guideline, you can automatically import several items at once! Click on the IMPORT ITEMS icon under the FILE tab of the toolbar to use this function: 

1 Type in the code1 or the exact name of the item(s) you want to import.

You can also specify a quantity to each item's code 1 or name. To do so, type the item code 1 or name and quantity separated by a semicolon: item123;4

You can finally choose how you want your items to be displayed: either aligned on a back wall or on a slab.

2 Then click on IMPORT.



Order: items are imported in column order, from left to right. They are imported by category (i.e. items from the same category in the database will be next to each other) and within a category by the size of the 3D shape.