Choosing the right 3D model

Choosing a 3D model is a mandatory step in the item creation since it will define the item’s behavior for the software to recognize, but also if you wish to use your item in the IWD 3D Editor, the work's already done! 

Under the content tab, you are required to select a 3D model for your item. There are different types of 3D model. The most common ones are as follows: 



Facing box - for a pack, or anything that comes in a box really. This 3D model usually is used for fragrances for example. 




Facing on base (socle fixe) – for unpackaged items such as testers or bottles. This 3D model perfectly fits the skincare industry or the makeup industry for example.



You must choose a model even if you are not currently using the 3D. If you want to add glasses or clothing 3D models, please ask your main contact to add the 3D model to the library.