Adding a theme to the database

Within the guideline editor, you may want to personalize your fixtures for several reasons : 

  • A more realistic appearance
  • A higher quality of rendering 
  • Your fixture has a specific configuration and you want it to be clearly identified

Either way, these objectives can be met by adding a theme to your collection. Once a theme is added, you will be able to apply it

For management purposes and technical reasons, adding a theme to the library can only be done by the IWD teams. At IWD, we have a dedicated pool of experts especially for this type of service. What do you need to provide us with? 

    • A real-life photograph of the furniture
    • The technical plans to it (PDF, SketchUps, etc.) 
    • The integration listing (name of the furniture, located folders, linked markets, etc.) 
  • Any information you think may be useful for us to deliver the perfect theme (materials, color shades, etc.) 
We've got your back! Send us a request and we'll sort it out together! 



Themes are available in the 2D editor and they are 3D compatible!