Set-up FileZila & SFTP

The SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) is a secure protocol that facilitates data transfer. IWD can set up an SFTP account for you if you want to do your own imports to update your database autonomously.


If you’re interested in getting an SFTP account, contact your Customer Success Manager.


To edit your files and access the IWD server,  you’ll need to install the following software:

  • LibreOffice to open .csv files: you can download LibreOffice here.
  • FileZilla to upload data files: you can download it here (MacOs) here (Windows).

It is essential to download these softwares in order to import your files successfully. IWD cannot ensure support if you use any other software. Please contact your IT department if you need the authorization to download them. 


Using the credentials provided by IWD, enter the information (host, username, password, and port) in the top bar and click on CONNEXION.


Once you’re connected, drag your *.csv into the IN folder for import. It will then go through a validation process to ensure that the data can be processed and imported into the platform. The validation process generates a report sent by email to the Client’s IT contact describing potential errors. 

The report can show 3 types of messages:

  • INFO: information that can be useful to understand the process but does not block the import.
  • WARNING: something might be wrong with the data but does not block the import.
  • ERROR: there is an error in the data, this will block the import, and nothing was imported. Correct the error and try again! 


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