Accepted 3D file format

The items uploaded in 3D in the database are a combination of a texture (=one file for the color) and a 3D model (=on file for the shape). And the fixtures are made with 3D files (= the color and the shape are both in the same file). 

In order to create a texture, a 3D model or a 3D file, our 3D team will need you to provide some files (images, technical plans, 3D files), with which they will be able to work. 

2D files

*.png can be used to know more about the material and colors of the items or fixtures. The *.pdf are usually used to get the technical plans to build fixtures.

3D files

If you already have 3D files available, such as *.max ; *.fbx ; *.3ds ; *.obj ; you can also provide us with those types of files.

Physical items

If you don’t have any files available, you can also send us the physical items, and we can photo shoot them for you.