Search for a store


The search and filter functions work similarly in the map and list modes. View your store in a map or list


Use the search tool on the top left to find any store by name, code, or location. The software will retrieve all the matching information. 


To refine the list of stores, click on ADVANCED SEARCH to select criteria and then click on SEARCH.

The list will be updated according to the filters selected.


In addition to the custom fields that you have designed as filters for your stores, you can always filter by market, code, contact, and status. You can clear the search criteria by clicking on CLEAR SEARCH. 

SORT your store

You can also sort your stores to visualize them by segmentation. Click on SORT in the left panel then select the desired criteria.


In the list view, stores will be reorganized according to the chosen segmentation.


At any time, you can go back to the alphabetical order by activating the sort menu and selecting SORT FROM A TO Z.

Click on the map icon to view this segmentation on the map. The pinned store will appear in different colors according to their segmentation. You can show or hide sub-segmentation by unchecking/checking the box on the left panel.



At any time, you can clear all the filters, search and sort by clicking on SEE ALL STORES in the left panel.