POS database export



You can export a detailed listing of your store(s) information and inventory in an Excel document, which is a mirror of your store database.

1 Go to the STORES section.

2 Select the store(s) you want to export using the checkboxes or click on SELECT ALL at the top.


3 Click on the export icon 12.PNG and select "Export store(s) database".

4 Select the information you would like to be included in the export by checking the boxes.


There is the option to include in the export the details of the last update (date and name of the person who did it).

5 Click on CONFIRM.

6 You will receive a notification in the top bar to download the *.xls file. Click on it to save the file.



  • In the first tab, you will find a detailed listing of store information (mandatory information and custom fields). It is organized by section (each of a different color) as per those set up on your platform for instance store information and details.

The POS export can be used to perform some analyses on your stores, for instance, set up a filter to display the stores over 50m² in France, or create a pivot table to count the total number of windows that need to be set up ahead of a campaign...

In the below example, we can see the export of the “Store information” and “Details” tabs, with all fields, included within.



If you are using the inventory function (in-store items count, usually furniture), the second tab will contain a listing of all inventories available for the selected stores. 

With this export, the quantity, as well as the capacity of each item, are calculated.