Check & edit your user account



Your account is a place for you to view and manage your user information. To access it, click on our avatar in the top right corner then click on your name. The page you arrive on provides all the information linked to your account in our system. 
  • Under the information tab (the main section at the top of the page), you can change your profile picture, reset your password, update your information and contact details, or change your preferences (language, unit, date format).
  • The other tabs displayed below summarize your rights, markets, brands, and all the information you are linked to.


Information tab

In this section, you will retrieve all your personal information. We invite you to provide as many details as you can here. The name and email address are mandatory information (they are your login access). While the phone number or job title may not be mandatory, they are relevant e.g. for higher security. In this section, you can update your password, in case of security breaches or simply to increase the protection of your data.

As a reminder, the password for IWD tools must match the following: at least 10 characters, 1 upper case, 1 lower case, and 1 number. The idea is simple, the more information, the more secure your profile/license.

Brands/Markets tab
It is the information about the markets and brands on the platform you have access to. When setting up your profile and during your training session, IWD checks it out with you to make sure everything matches. If you notice anything wrong in this section, it may affect your work since you may not be able to access some of the guidelines or catalog items. On a regular basis, make sure to double-check this data, and don't hesitate to contact us if you notice something is wrong. 
Rights tab
When you are trying to do something and it doesn't work or when you are willing to create furniture but have no right to do so? This section gives you an overview of your rights depending on your profile. Everything that is written in green is a valid action for you to make. On the opposite, everything that is written in red is not for you to make. Of course, should you need to upgrade (or downgrade) your profile, let us know! 
Note: There is a third section in this tab called "Network rights". If you wanna know more about this IWD product, read our article. 
Settings tab

IWD Platform comes in two different formats. You are free to select the one you want. In this tab, you can choose between metrics you are more familiar with (i.e. inch or cm), date formats you prefer to communicate with your retailer (i.e. MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY), and the language of the overall platform (French or English).


Your account information is critical. Checking your account enables you to make sure all this data is up-to-date and accurate. It will provide you with the features you have access to depending on your user profile and also the markets/brands you are linked to. For security purposes, it is important that you personalize your account as much as possible in order to secure it. IWD provides its users with software solutions based on a one-year nominative and personal contract. 

1 To manage your account, click on your avatar in the top right corner of the platform then on your name.

2 Click on MODIFY to modify the information and/or change the profile photo. 

3 Click on SAVE to save your modifications.


Only the settings tab can be updated. If you wish to update any of the other tabs, please contact the Super Admin of the account internally or your main contact at IWD.