[TIPS & TRICKS] Duplicate items with defined spacing

To duplicate items with defined spacing, you have two options:

Duplicate horizontally

  • Place the first item on a shelf and duplicate it with the shortcut [D] (the item is duplicated to the right by default).
  • Then, define the spacing between these two items by moving the second one. For precision, use the left and right arrows on your keyboard.
  • Once you find the right spacing, duplicate the second one with the same spacing with this keyboard shortcut: [ctrl] + [alt] + [right arrow] or [ctrl] + [alt] + [left arrow]



Duplicate vertically

The above process can also be replicated to duplicate items vertically e.g. hooks and item-holders. Start by duplicating the item using [ctrl] + [alt] + [top arrow] or [ctrl] + [alt] + [bottom arrow]. Adjust the spacing between the two items then continue the duplication with the defined spacing using [ctrl] + [alt] + [top arrow] or [ctrl] + [alt] + [bottom arrow].