Synonym: Rights

The Access Control List is a list of permissions and it specifies which users are granted access to actions. In the IWD context, users are grouped by profiles, and profiles are linked to specific actions.


The Appshell is the navigation bar at the top of the screen that can contains a Bento icon, links to main parts, the user's profile photo, etc.


Synonym: Category

To build a guideline the user will select items that are available in the assortment. This assortment is composed by the different brands and folders that are linked to this guideline.


It indicates the user who created the guideline/item/etc.



Backlog is where prioritized and qualified user stories are stored.

Bento icon

It’s an icon composed of nine dots that form a square. In IWD ecosystem, it allows to open the main menu which allows to swich from a main part to another.


Brands are created at the root of the catalog to divide it and also limit access for users to certain brands.


Synonym: Network Briefcase, Network mobile

This mobile app allows users on the field to report data on Network even if they are offline.



A campaign is a period which allows to include and qualify the guidelines at best.


Synonym: Database, item list

The catalog centralized all the items of an instance. These items are stored in brands and folders.

CSV (File)

A Comma-separated values file is is a plain text file that contains a list of data separated by a special character (mostly the comma character) . These files are often used for exchanging data between different applications and can be open in a text editor or a spreadsheet.


Demonstration (Agile)

Synonym: Demo

At the end of an iteration d.


List of all the users of an instance. The directory is to display users' sheets, but also to manage users acess, information, billing, etc.

Discussion message

In IWD app a discussion message is dated and sent by a sender in a discussion.

Discussion message sender

In IWD app, the message sender is the participant who sent the message in a discussion.


Synonym: Displayer

This product allows users to create/share/consult their guidelines. The complete ecosystem includes back office and 2D/3D editors.

Display 2D

Synonym: App 2D, Editeur 2D, 2D editor

A part of the ecosystem, where the user can build or consult a 2D guideline.

Display 3D

Synonym: App 3D, Editeur 3D, Dispay 3D desktop application, 3D editor

A part of the ecosystem (a desktop app) where the user can build or consult a 3D guideline.

Display Back Office

Synonym: Display BO, BO

All the webpages that allows to manage mainly items and guidelines (outside the 2D and 3D editors).



The End of Line, sometines represented by “ ↲ “, is a special character. It isn’t always visible but can introduce errors in an imported file for example. 


Synonym: Displayer VR

This product allowed to navigate into scenarios in virtual reality using mobile device. He is no longer maintained.



Gitlab is an external solution delivered as a single application that we used for product/developpement planning (iterations, backlogs) and source code management.

Global folder

Synonym: Shared folder

A guideline can be placed in a global folder which will be shared between all users who can see the guideline. These folders are only managed by users with this right.

Grooming (Agile)

A Grooming is a meeting that's held two times during an iteration. During the planning, the team will identify and select all the user stories that will be loaded in the iteration.

. The team estimates the complexity of user stories, prioritizes them, cuts them out, etc. in order to keep the backlog clean.


Synonym: Planogramm, Plano, Recommendation, Reco

A full documentation (in 2D or in 3D) with all the good practices to be done for a merchandising.

Guideline’s folder

Guidelines are stored in folders. They are two different kinds of Guideline’s folders: Personal and Global.

Guideline’s sheet

Synonym: Guideline's page

The guideline's sheet is the page with all the information about a guideline.

Guidelines' list

The guidelines list is the part of Display where guidelines are listed and where the user can access the guidelines' sheet or Display 2D and Display 3D.

Group of Markets

Markets are grouped into group of markets.



Synonym: Client

Each and every client has his own instance with different users, settings, rights. To access it: https://[name-of-the-instance]


An inventory is a set of inventory entries linked to a store. Each entry defines an inventory item with its quantity.

Inventory entry

It is the link between an inventory and an inventory item. It also contains a quantity.

Inventory item

Inventory items are used to create inventories in stores. They have some characteristics like a name or a capicity.

Not to be confused with an inventory entry which is the link between an inventory and an inventory item.


Synonym: Reference, Ref, SKU (stock-keeping unit)

All the elements that can be used to create a guideline. Example: furniture, products, testers.

Item’s folder

Synonym: Catalog folder

Items are located into folders that are located into brands. This set constitutes the catalog.

Not to be confused with guideline folders.

Item’s sheet

Synonym: Item's page

The item’s sheet is the page with all the information about an item.


Synonym: Sprint

At IWD a development iteration is a recurring period that usually lasts two weeks. The user stories made during the iteration are selected in the backlog filled in by the product owner.

IWD app

Synonym: IWD mobile, Drive mobile



Kebab icon

It’s an icon composed of three dots one above the other. In our ecosystem, it allows to open action menus.



All the photos linked to stores and published in Network.





Synonym: Pop-in

A secondary window that appears inside the product (for example, for a comfirmation).

Not to be confused with pop-up.



Synonym: Retail Network

Network is a merchandising cloud-based platform to achieve retail excellence. Collaborate seamlessly between head office and field and get a real-time picture of your network.



The users in a discussion are called participants.

Personal folder

Synonym: MyFolder

A guideline can be placed in one or multiple personal folder that will be only seen by the owner of the folder. Every user can only see its own personal folders.


A photo can be added to a store in Network with its attributes. A photo can also be added to a discussion without any Store in IWD app.

Photo attributes

Synonym: Photo metadata

Refers to the metadata of a photo (store, folder, tags, etc.).

Planning (Agile)

Synonym: Poker planning, Sprint planning, Iteration planning.

A planning is a meeting that's held at the beggining of an iteration. During the planning, the team will identify and select all the user stories that will be loaded in the iteration.


Retrospective (Agile)

Synonym: Retro

An Agile retrospective is a meeting that's held at the end of an iteration. During the retrospective, the team reflects on what happened in the iteration and identifies actions for improvement going forward.



Synonym: POS, Point of Sale.

The place at which a retail transaction is carried out.


A list of questions to which users on the field (stores managers, sales, etc.) will have to answer to (general questions about stores, fixture inventory, photos, massplan, etc.).



Keywords used to label content and find it transversely.



The Unique Device IDentifer is a code used to identify a mobile device universally. It can be used to allow a specific device to access a restricted application.

Not to be confused with UUID.


A person who use our products with a dedicated account. This user has attributes and rights.

User story

Synonym: US, feature, issue

A User story is an externally observable service that contributes to an impact and whose description is at a level where all stakeholders easily understand what it is about. They are stocked in Gitlab.


The Universally Unique IDentifier is a normalized code used to identify an element (a guideline, an item, a user, etc.) in an application. It is now commonly used instead of IDs, for optimization and security reasons.

Not to be confused with UDID.

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