[TIPS & TRICKS] How to clear my browser cache?


Sometimes, you may run into the following incidents:

  • The 2D Editor seems to be performing much slower than usual.  (I have good internet speed, and I am already using Firefox as IWD recommended!)
  • I am just working on the 2D Editor, exporting a PDF, as usual, then an Error message pops up:
    "An unexpected error has occurred, the Display team has been informed."
  • I just changed my password, but I still cannot log in with the updated login details.  You may see the pop-up message: 
    "Your login and/or password is incorrect, please try again."
  • I am editing a guideline, but my dimension changes are not saved, or my item disappears when I am moving it, etc.

These common issues can be associated with your browser and its temporary storage box called Cache.


What is a browser cache?

Your browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari) keeps information and files on its hard drive in order to speed up the loading time for your next web visits.  Since the IWD Platform runs on your browser, it also temporarily stores details to speed up your loading time.

Why is the browser cache causing my problem?

Sometimes too much information is kept (like a dusty storage box!), therefore affecting your browser performance.  It is important to regularly clear your cache to erase temporary Internet files.

How to clear my browser cache?

Windows OS:



1 Click the orange Firefox drop-down menu on the top left.  Open the options menu > click options.

2 Once the new window appears, open the Privacy tab, then click "clear your recent history" link.

3 Once a Clear All History window pops up, choose the time range to clear: Everything.
Make sure Cookies Cache entries are selected. (Clearing Cookies ensure that your IWD session is properly closed.)

4 Click Clear Now to confirm.



1 Open Tools menu, and click Delete browsing history... or press [Crtl+Shift+Del] on your keyboard.

2 A small dialog box will pop up. Select Cookies, Temporary Internet files & Download History.

3 Click Delete to confirm.


Mac OS:


1 Open Tools menu on the top.  Select Clear Recent History...

2 Once a Clear All History window pops up, choose the time range to clear: Everything.
Make sure Cookies Cache entries are selected.  (Clearing Cookies also ensure that your Display session is properly closed.)

3 Click Clear Now to confirm.


Open Safari menu, and click Empty Cache... or press [Shift+Command+E] on your keyboard.



*Works under MacOS and Windows OS


1 Click the Chrome drop-down menu on the top right (3 vertical dots). Click and enter the Settings tab.  


2 Once the new window appears, select the research bar at the top, and enter "Cache". Look at the bottom of the research's result page and click on “Clear browsing data”.


3 Once the last window appears, choose the time range that you want to erase - usually the last 24 hours. Then, tick both the “Browsing history” and “Cached images and files” boxes before clicking on “Clear data” on the bottom right corner.