SSO : definition and use


Single Sign-On is a property of access control of multiple related software systems. With this property, a user logs in with a single ID and password to gain access to a connected system or systems without using different usernames or passwords, or in some configurations seamlessly sign in on each system.


Even for a client that needs to use the SSO, every user needs to have an active account created in IWD Drive's Directory.

If this account is going to use the SSO, our IT has to flag it as an "SSO account" and the user won’t be able to use the classical login/password to connect on browser.

  • Active

To access IWD Drive, an SSO user should be enabled in the IWD Drive's Directory, flagged as "SSO account", enabled on the client’s side and also use the same e-mail address.

  • Inactive

If the user is deactivated or deleted on the client’s side, he won’t be able to access the IWD Drive anymore. However a good practice is also to disable his account on the IWD Drive's Directory.


For now, the SSO is only available on the browser versions (Display and Network).

Consequently, the user needs to know its IWD password if he wants to use to the Network mobile app or Explore app.


A prior exchange with the customer's IT is essential to provide the necessary information for the correct setting.

We are currently compatible with the SAML protocol.

If you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact us.